How the business came to be.

After losing my job and still coming to terms with the loss of my dad when the Covid pandemic hit in 2020 I decided to take a chance and set up my own business and in March 2021 my dream was realised.

Forever 64 started out as Annesley Gifts (named after my dad who encouraged me to stop working for other people and follow my dreams) but following feedback from customers suggesting the name was difficult to spell or pronounce making it difficult to recommend to other people I decided to change the name to Forever 64, again in honour of my dad who will forever be 64 years young & since then the business has gone from strength to strength.

Everything I do is self taught and self funded and needless to say this business is more than just a way for me to make money, it's my pride and joy and I put my heart and soul into every single item and order, doing all I can to ensure it is perfect for you. When you buy from me you're not just buying custom and handmade you're buying custom and handmade with love and passion.